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The Baddy. it is a very comfortable tape that adapts perfectly by absorbing sweat from the forehead during exercise. It is made of a highly breathable microfiber polyester. It is an excellent garment to use both summer and winter.

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The CANACOM is a technical sock designed specifically for the mountain runner. Its proportional compression structure in all parts of the foot. makes a very compact and comfortable to wear. In addition. it has a reinforcement system that helps cushion the impact and optimize the athlete's performance.

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The FEEL is a very light and compressive technical sock. designed to run on all types of smooth running surfaces. Its structure provides a great support in all parts of the foot adjusting in a compact way. It has a system of points that makes it very breathable. It is also equipped with an area of reinforcements that helps cushion the impact and optimize...

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The VINSON is a headband for men ideal to compete or train in summer.Manufactured from Droyland® fiber in 100% Polyester, it has a micro-plush inner lining that makes it extremely light with great softness on the skin.Absorbs sweat keeping the surface of the forehead dry.

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Unisex thermal protective sleeveThe THERMAL is a protective sleeve for the arm area. Its seamless fabric allows us an excellent adaptation. It is an important garnment for the changes of seasons.

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Unisex thermal pantyThe NECK is a very comfortable and thermal garment, to wear incold moments, to protect the neck and the area of the face. In addition its seamless fabric, allows us an excellent adaptation and makes it us able to use as head protector.

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