Land Sports is the sports division of the Goher Textil Group

The origins of the Goher Textil Group date back to the 80s when Mr. José Gómez Herrera founded the company Goher Textil Calella, S.A.

During the following years, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and with the help of his closest associates, he made it possible to acquire two industrial buildings for the manufacture of fabrics, elastic rubber, spinning manipulation and logistics center.

The group was taking a position in the Spanish field, thus recognizing the company as one of the benchmarks in the market.

Next, he incorporated a new seamless garment manufacturing division.

The diversification of the catalog and the consolidation of the project, would give way to the incorporation of highly qualified personnel and at that moment the section called R & D was born, executing the process in an integral way to guarantee an optimal product.

Around the year 2013, it is observed that the sports market was booming. So the sports division called Land Sports was born.

After different market studies, together with the enterprising spirit of Mr. Gómez Herrera, a new distribution network was acquired.

The next few years were positioning in the sector as different facilities were prepared and modified as another logistics warehouse for the new distribution network.

At that time a new business system was opened for the group that was the export.

The whole Group had undergone a radical change in its structure. The growth system was total.

The different companies of the Goher Textil Group today are prepared and qualified to market their own brands in different international markets.